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Urinary Tract Microbiota (UTM) Molecular Testing2023-01-13T22:11:17+00:00

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Urinary Tract Microbiota (UTM) Molecular Testing

Traditional urine culture is commonly regarded as the gold standard for the detection and identification of pathogens. However, evidence has been accumulating to support the use of molecular methods such as PCR. With antimicrobial resistance becoming both more common and complex, effective treatment of (urinary tract infection) UTIs is even more dependent on the accurate identification of pathogens. Some organisms can be fastidious and, therefore, difficult to grow in culture. Further, PCR results can be obtained in a day or less, while culture can require two or more days. Previous studies have reported PCR to have both superior sensitivity and specificity and have recommended PCR for rapid identification of pathogens in sepsis, and for diagnosis of genital infections and sexually transmitted diseases, parasitic infections, tuberculosis, and gastrointestinal infections.1

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