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Billing & Insurance

General Billing Information

Genesis Labs is a high-complexity clinical laboratory. It is licensed to provide services under CLIA and is CAP certified, which operates in all States located in the Continental United States. Genesis complies with all state and federal laws (the “Laws”). Patients are required to provide all information requested by Genesis in order to submit a claim to the insurance carrier, as well as any secondary insurance (if applicable). Be advised that having Genesis bill your insurance carrier for the clinical laboratory tests performed is a courtesy and does not relieve you of any financial obligations to make payment for the clinical laboratory services that your insurance does not pay for, including any co-insurance, copayment, and deductible amounts.

Genesis is required to collect all co-payments, co-insurance, and deductible amounts from the patients (or the responsible person) after having exhausted resubmissions for rejections and appeals for denials, unless applicable; the Laws require otherwise. If you feel that your insurance carrier has not correctly processed your claim, please directly contact your insurance carrier. If you are paying by credit card for the patient responsibility amount relating to a laboratory test, please click here. If you are paying by check, please send the check along with a copy of your statement to Genesis Laboratory Management, LLC at 1912 Rt. 35 South, Suite 203, Oakhurst, NJ 07755. If you have any questions regarding the price of a particular laboratory test or payment, please call us at (732) 389-8400, and we will endeavor to answer your question(s).


Billing for Comprehensive Gastro-Intestinal Panel; Molecular Diagnostic Tests; Anatomic Pathology (including Podiatry) and Cytology (including FISH); Urology, and Women’s Health

The New Jersey Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment, and Accountability Act Disclosure Form

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Paying Your Bill

Genesis Labs makes it easy for you to pay the balance you may owe as a result of the laboratory services you received. You’ll be able to simply and securely approve a charge to your account that will only be made if a balance remains after your insurance company has processed your claim.

Insurance Coverage

Genesis participates in the Traditional Medicare Program (Non-Medicare Advantage), New Jersey Medicaid (Non-Medicaid HMO), TriCare, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, and Aetna. If you have questions regarding Genesis’ participation with your insurance carrier and, more specifically, your insurance plan, please contact us at (732) 389-8400.

Insurance Carrier Checks Sent to Patients

You are at all times required to promptly remit any insurance payments intended for Genesis, which may have been sent to you by an insurance carrier. If you have any questions about the process of transmitting the check to Genesis, please call us at (732) 389-8400.

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