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Pricing for Upper Respiratory Panels

Cash PriceTest
$240Influenza A & B for Multiple Types
$70Influenza A & B Subtype Beyond
$105Legion Pneumonia DNA Amplified Probe
$164Bordetella (PAN)
$164Bordetella Pertussis
$105Chylmd Pneumonia DNA Amplified Probe
$123M.Pneumonia DNA Amplified Probe
$105Enterovirus Amplified Probe
$105Cytomeg DNA Amplified Probe
$105HHV-6 DNA Amplified Probe
$1,820DNA/RNA Amplified Probe
$513SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Pricing for Women's Health

Cash PriceTest
Women Under 30
$150Thin Prep PAP
$164ThinPrep PAP + CT/NG
Women Over 30
$150Thin Prep PAP
$200Thin Prep PAP with hr HPV
$514Thin Prep PAP with hr HPV + CT/NG
$596Thin Prep PAP with hr HPV + CT/NG/TV
Individual Tests
$100Thin Prep PAP/Conventional PAP Only
$200HR HPV w/ genotyping (if positive)
$760Anal Thin Prep
$500Nipple Discharge (if both charged 2x)
$14.65Maturation Index
$42Hcg Pregnancy Test

Pricing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Cash PriceTest
$82Chlamydia trachomatis
$82Neisseria gonorrhoeae
$82Trichomonas vaginalis
$82Herpes simplex virus 1
$82Herpes simplex virus 2
$82Mycoplasma genitalium
$82Haemophilus ducreyi
$82Treponema pallid
$82Ureaplasma urealyticum

Pricing for Podiatry Tests

Cash PriceTest
$587Special Stain
$260Nail Fungal Panel PCR

Pricing for Urologic Tract Cytology

Cash PriceTest
$3,559FISH (Fluid washings, Hybridization)
$2,855FISH In-situ Hybridization
$442Prostate Biopsy

Pricing for Comprehensive Gastro-Intestinal Panels

Cash PriceTest
$2,860GI Pathogen Panel 12-25 targets
$1,350GI Pathogen Panel 6-11 targets
$850GI Pathogen Panel 3-5 targets
$260Culture Typing Amplified Probe Technique
$225Calprotectin Fecal
$225Lactoferrin Fecal (Qual)
$150Pancreatic Elastase Fecal
$125C.diff Reflex Test
$130H. Pylori
$150Listeria Monocytogene RT PCR
$100Fecal Fat
$200Ova & Parasites
$175Fecal Occult Blood
$150Anti-Gliadin Antibody
$150EDN / EPX
$50WBC Leukocytes, Fecal
$150Bile Acids

Pricing for Urinary Tract Infections

Cash PriceTest
$150Echerichia coli
$150Klebsiella pneumoniae
$150Proteus mirabilis
$150Pseudomonas aeruginosa
$150Providencia stuartii
$150Morganella morganii
$150Klebsiella oxytoca
$150Enterobacter cloacae
$150Citrobacter freundii
$150Enterobacter aerogenes
$150Acinetobacter baumannii
$150Proteus vulgaris
$200Enterococcus faecalis
$200Enterococcus faecium
$250Streptococcus agalactiae
$200Staphylococcus saprophyticus
$200Candida albicans

Pricing for Anatomic Pathology

Cash PriceTest
$587Special Stain Grp 1
$429Special Stain Grp II All others
$543Additional Immuno Stain

Pricing for Barrett's FISH

Cash PriceTest
$1,038Pan and Nodule Brushings
$776In Situ hybridization

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